The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Sunday, February 23, 2014

{My Shopping Cart}

Hey, ladies & of course gents! Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!
 I thought I'd share where I tend to shop for Home Decor,Home Improvements, or any other items for the home. I get asked a lot "Where did you get that"? Well, truth is I shop ALL over. I'm not one to stick with one place or brand per-say. When I get a notion in my head ,or I'm looking for something specific for projects, I search all different areas including local,online,chains, independent,thrift & so on. Prime example of how I search for a specific item, my last post I stated I was looking for a  { Bread Box} well easier said than done! Bread boxes aren't necessarily a 'hot' item these days therefor it's been a challenge. I've tried a few quick places like +Target , and no luck. I'm now onto some online stores that specialize in unique or vintage goods. It really all depends on what type of style of goods you're looking for. Most of the time I'm not into trendy I may look at five places before I jump on something. I like a deal just as much as the next,but sometimes to achieve a 'look' you've got to spend a bit more or look a bit harder.  I'll post the links below of some of my favorite places to look & shop. Enjoy!

Note: Some of the places on this list, are better physically visited ,rather than online shopping. I'll highlight the sites that are better viewed in person .

As you can see my list is ALL over the spectrum! Some of these may sound weird or not flattering in the case of home decorating, such as Cracker Barrel  ! This is actually NOT true. Cracker Barrel has some great items & most are very limited or one of a kind. I actually purchased a hand dipped cinnabon candle & wanted to purchase a three piece vintage chic canister set ( Sold Out) ..I know I was bummed. So it's random places like this I look for my home goods. I also do love places like Target as well for easy access or basic items. Home Improvement shops such as Home Depot are great for larger items like rugs & lighting. For vintage items or items that you want to be unique or on the cheap for DIY , places like Salvation Army are great! These are just some of the places I like to frequent. If you have any places you shop for decor PLEASE SHARE I'm always looking for new inspiration :).

Friday, February 21, 2014

{Promote }

Hey! I like to update this section of the Blog periodically to promote amazing causes & organizations! 
As you all may know this section of the Blog is dedicated to our little part of trying to help abused & in need dogs ,or any animal/human for that matter! We've met some amazing { Angel Warriors } these past few months. I call them 'Angel Warriors', because they speak & act for the ones who have no voice. We worked with two amazing people Jane & Chris who work alongside the amazing Home Fur- Ever Rescue. Link Below!
Check this amazing organization out. They've not only  helped us with our rescue dogs ,but have become almost like family. It doesn't matter how much you donate even if it's $1, it's something!

**Picture property of  { The Quaint Sanctuary }


Hey, everyone! I know this doesn't have anything to do with Home Decor or Household items , but its near & dear to our hearts. These last few days I've been slacking due to having two in NEED house guest for the past 3 days! My husbands' work takes him all over the state & he also works a lot in the inner city. Here in the North we have a huge stray dog epidemic & he tends to bring them home when he can { How could you not?} So Tuesday he brought home two very thin & dirty pit-bulls. They were the cutest & sweetest dogs { most are}! My heart breaks for these babies when he brings them home. We do the best we can & set them up in his insulated garage with a mini heater & food.  When they go we PRAY they will be taken care of & LOVED! Each time it takes a piece of my heart. If it were my choice & we could.. I would adopt every animal that needed love & care!
  My point is LAWS NEED to be STRICTER on ANIMAL CRUELTY. So far we've gotten 7 dogs off the streets this year & one the following is  our Dog {Stinker}!...We're hoping for stricter laws on animal cruelty of every sort of animal, & stricter rules on breeding/ screening! Remember Animals don't have voices, BE that voice now!
Mark & Paige

** Please also keep in mind ADOPTION IS ALWAYS BETTER!

I do support/Promote & Don't Support/Promote.

*Animal Rescues/ non Breeders.
* St. Jude
* Any type of Cancer awareness 
* Homeless Adults & Teens
* Mental & Physically disabled

* All fur companies
* Sea world
*Dog racing
* Horse Racing
* Breeders
* Sports
Sport Hunting

Rescues we promote & donate to!

*Homes Fur Ever
* Dog Aide
*Their Last Resort
*Last Day Dog Rescue
* Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue
* Devoted Barn 
* A Rejoyceful Animal Rescue

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Simple & Savory Gift Idea for {Him}..

 Lovers day is almost here! Looking for that special gift for that special stud in your life?! Well here's an awesome gift idea ,sure to fill that manly heart { He -He}. I came across this idea  a while ago & had it in the back of my head for Mark! It's the male version of the simple & traditional take on a bouquet for a man! The BACON BOUQUET! Yes, that ever so yummy breakfast food made into an amazing & creative gift for those of you who struggle with a gift idea for your honey etc..! I know these have been made before & were quite popular via Pinterest for sometime, but instead of just using bacon as the "roses" I used something a bit different for the middle...

     Here's How:
  • 1 Package Thick Bacon
  • 1 Package good Smokey Links
  • 1 Pack Bamboo Sticks
  • 1 Can Toothpicks
  • 1 Vase { Dollar Tree}
  • 1 Pack Gift Paper { Dollar Tree}

Take the bacon and smokey links & open them. Leave them in the package { for easy cleanup}. Take a smokey link & slowly ,but tightly roll the smokey link down the bacon strip. After its rolled, place a tooth pick in the the side to hold the "rose' in place. Do this until the whole package of bacon is gone. Place the rolled roses in the oven on 380 degrees for about 30 minutes, give or take. Keep a close eye on them. After they are done cooking , let them cool & dry them free of any dripping grease . Remove the toothpicks {slowly} & push bamboo stick through bottom of rose { Vertically}. Then simply arrange them in the vase & garnish with your personal touches. Hope you have enjoyed this manly Valentines, Birthday, or Special Occasion gift!

 ** Decorate anyway you would like. I used a tag & made a homemade rustic card { Tag} attached with string. I added a chalk tag with my husband's name & red paper to match the occasion 
{ Birthday}.




Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Happy Polar Vortex X2 here in the North..ahh! I decided since it's a snowy below zero day I would tackle some much needed organization in our  linen closet. I wanted to keep with the 'Cute & Quaint' feel so I decided to use some Blues,Whites, Tans & Greys! This closet was a mess. I had plastic white storage containers with a random grey one mixed in. It had towels strung all over & was lacking the crisp feel of a linen closet. I HAD to venture out today to grab some milk & other goods, so I stopped at our Family Dollar & grabbed some amazing cloth storage containers. They were  $ 3 for 7!! I was shocked as they usually are at least $7 each at  Target or equivalent- so lets just say I SNAGGED them up { Ha Ha}. The other items in the closet, such as the mini galvanized tin { Q tip container } I got from Target for $1. The Vase { Cotton Ball} container I had ,as well as the class mirror ( Thrift) & "Baby Powder Candle" was {Free}. I hope you enjoyed this FRESH & CLEAN { On the Cheap} DIY makeover ! Stay warm everyone.


Yes, all this stuff was in the closet, no I will not share a picture of what it looked like    { hehe}. I had everything from Decor to Easter & gosh knows what else... Yikes!



 Tags were a MUST!

Tags Read: Soaps~Personal~Medical


Side Note: Yes, that's a Baby Powder scented Candle, No, I don't light it in the closet! It's cute & makes the closet smell Fresh & Clean!

**I ended up putting a 84 inch. sheer panel from Dollar General on a tension rod. It's much easier then fussing with the loud door. After we got the floors refinished the door never worked right! The sheer panel was $5 & the tension rod $7! 
Note: Excuse the grainy phone picture !!

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