The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Thursday, April 24, 2014

{ Back Patio Renovation}

Hey, it's definitely Spring now folks { Gasp} about time!! With that said our back patio underwent a mini renovation  last weekend & the first weekend it was reasonably warm for that matter! As you may, or may not know last summer we extended our cement patio about 3 feet around ,and painted the cement a taupe heat resistant color. This year we were determined to put a cute little gazebo up, and that's what we did! We purchased the 10x10 gazebo for a whopping $130 from Aldi grocery stores. These go from anywhere $200-1000 so you could say this was a STEAL! It's the same gazebo Home Depot advertises ,but ours came with corner shelving..bonus right?!  My husband & a buddy popped it up & I got to work decorating & making it our own & less stock like.

 {Beverage Cart DIY}

Step 1.) Dissembling & wipe down!

Step 2.) Picking a finish & sand {Optional}
* This top was unfinished so I made the decision not to sand, although I pry could have gave it a buff.

Wipe the board down again to ensure all particles are free from the board & begin staining with proper staining cloths/clothes { Home Depot $5} ,& go with the natural grain of the wood. Make sure to wipe access stain off!
Note: I used an Espresso Stain!

Step 3.) 
Start Painting! I used some left over 'Sand Tan ' paint I had from our basement. It's a semi- gloss, although I was set on a sand chalk paint color, this worked fine.

**View below for the complete finished look**

Our finished patio/gazebo area turned out quite well & was quite an easy project { surprise } ,although my husband may have a different opinion { Ha Ha}. It's perfect for shielding the amount of sun we get in our backyard & also for evening & seasonal entertaining, secured & away from those pesky insects!!
* The Beverage Cart was a garbage find,the two black Lanterns were purchased at Big Lots last Fall $40, & the Topiary Tree & Candle were purchased @ Big lots as well $8 & $3 ! 
I definitely utilized the corner shelving. My husband found this rustic bottle opener/tap holder ,& what better use then to have it in the corner under the beverage cooler, cold drinks anyone?  The green beverage cooler is from Walmart purchased a long time ago ,I believe it was $10! 
The serving tray is vintage. The flowers & rustic pot are both from Dollar Tree. The candles were purchased at Big Lots $8, as well as the draped table cloth $5. The patio furniture & rug were purchased a while ago. The 'M' was purchased @ Michael's for $1!

Quaint & Simple,perfect for cool nights by the fire-pit!

The top is lined in round clear LED lights, that are on a timer. The lantern is wood & holds a vanilla candle also from Big Lots $13!
Note: Since this picture & 'staging' I have lowered the Lantern, per request of my dearest mum ;).

Hope you all have enjoyed this bright & useful  seasonal space. I 'm going to try & grab some pictures on a clear night of the space lit stick around :)!

Monday, April 14, 2014

{ Kitchen Organization}

Happy { Kinda}  stormy Monday from the North! This is going to be quite a substantial post all about kitchen organization & in particular { Pantry & Spice Cabinet} organization. These two spots in our house always seem to be a mess!! I organize here & there ,but they always seem to end up a disastrous nightmare all over! Well, this Sunday after an amazing weekend with my husband we decided to go browse around..& well what do you know we stumbled upon Michael's ;)! As many of you may know Michael's has 'Sidewalk' sales & as we were walking in they had a huge bin full of {Memory Boxes} for a whopping $2.39!! I grabbed two of them, because I knew exactly what I was going to use them for!! As mentioned before in a previous post I always try & pick up things when I see them on sale ,or things I know I can use for upcoming projects & this was a prime example! Needless to say we walked out without spending more then $10! 
Fast forward to today  ..& I have the finished product of my little bargain containers. I ended up clearing out both the Spice & 1of our Pantries { We have a built-in cabinetry pantry in the kitchen & a closet pantry in the dining room} . We use the closet pantry for my husbands work essentials!  I purged 2 full grocery bags of junk !! 

I added some new  cling cabinet paper, the same cling paper that lines our fridge shelves! Dollar Tree!
Good riddance,right?!


Side Note: The Chalk labels came with the boxes & I just slid the lids under the bottoms!  The silver ' Flour,Sugar ,& Coffee canisters are for extra supply of those items! I cringe with seeing labels. It looks much more organized & clean this way,I think!  The top shelf stores all my vintage & collected cookbooks.
** The three White baskets I had & just used them to organize Snacks,Packets,& Containers!


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