The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

{ Up & Coming Summer DIY Projects!}

Hey, folks! I hope everyone had an amazing & memorable Memorial Day honoring the past & present ,while enjoying time with friends & family! Few things going on and coming up on the Blog! My lovely parents were thrift-ing pros while they were up at their weekend spot! They came home with oodles of amazing farmhouse 'treasures' for us! I was in my glory to say the least!! I'll post a pic below, one item is missing out of all the treasures. This particular treasure  has been the one I've been looking for the longest, a BREAD BOX! I'm not doing a sneak peak on this one yet, but lets just say it's going to be amazing..I hope! My dear { Picker} husband also came home today with an awesome piece  ;)! I'm going to be one busy gal this summer..I'm so excited to stage & blog these little ancient treasures! 

Side Note: I'm working on finishing the updated { Home Tour} so much has changed in our living room I'm trying to update the pictures..bear with me I've been under the weather a teeny tiny bit with  health stuff. I've got about 4 different post I'm working on & trying to get out :/ ..

~ Sneak Peeks ~

How cute is this little farmhouse buffet stand?! So you want to know how much eh?  It was a whole $1,& Yes, I actually love the chipped & rough looking paint & distressed look! It does need a good washing & possible buffing, but it's so cute & charming..stick around to see the finished location where this little cutie goes!

The above picture are all the 'treasures' compiled minus the infamous {Bread Box} ! The little treasures consist of the farmhouse buffet,a glass cloche top,white milk pitcher /with flowers,3 authentic crates {Traverse City} is where one is from. One rustic bow basket, 4 old plain books { I've been looking for} another wicker basket, wooden throw display rack  & three brown rustic twig wreaths !! This all was purchased for under $40! I've got big plans with these cute little goods, did someone say chalkkkpaintt?? ;)

This nifty  chest  is going to be awesome either in the 'Man Cave' or in our new place  somewhere! I definitely won't be getting rid of it, its way to cool & has way to much potential !  

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