The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Sunday, February 2, 2014


 Happy Polar Vortex X2 here in the North..ahh! I decided since it's a snowy below zero day I would tackle some much needed organization in our  linen closet. I wanted to keep with the 'Cute & Quaint' feel so I decided to use some Blues,Whites, Tans & Greys! This closet was a mess. I had plastic white storage containers with a random grey one mixed in. It had towels strung all over & was lacking the crisp feel of a linen closet. I HAD to venture out today to grab some milk & other goods, so I stopped at our Family Dollar & grabbed some amazing cloth storage containers. They were  $ 3 for 7!! I was shocked as they usually are at least $7 each at  Target or equivalent- so lets just say I SNAGGED them up { Ha Ha}. The other items in the closet, such as the mini galvanized tin { Q tip container } I got from Target for $1. The Vase { Cotton Ball} container I had ,as well as the class mirror ( Thrift) & "Baby Powder Candle" was {Free}. I hope you enjoyed this FRESH & CLEAN { On the Cheap} DIY makeover ! Stay warm everyone.


Yes, all this stuff was in the closet, no I will not share a picture of what it looked like    { hehe}. I had everything from Decor to Easter & gosh knows what else... Yikes!



 Tags were a MUST!

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Side Note: Yes, that's a Baby Powder scented Candle, No, I don't light it in the closet! It's cute & makes the closet smell Fresh & Clean!

**I ended up putting a 84 inch. sheer panel from Dollar General on a tension rod. It's much easier then fussing with the loud door. After we got the floors refinished the door never worked right! The sheer panel was $5 & the tension rod $7! 
Note: Excuse the grainy phone picture !!

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