The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Thursday, June 12, 2014

{ All about my Chalkboard Art }

It's Thursday & it's gloomy here in the I thought  I would address everything about my Chalkboard art displays! I've been asked where do I get my chalkboard art? How much? Are they real? How to make them & etc.. Well all your questions will be { hopefully } answered in this post! 

Okay, so my chalkboard art is my essential item I usually always coordinate & decorate around. I love the chalkboard art ,because it's simple & usually neutral enough to only add a touch of theme ,but still be neutral & rustic/vintage. I get my chalkboard sayings/art off of Pinterest or other fellow sites offering free chalkboard printables. The chalkboard prints are easy to print just simply copy & save to your computer & then size/landscape to fit the frame. Speaking of frames that's another thing, you can frame them in any frame you want depending on the occasion,style or budget. I use cheap frames ,because I switch them out frequently for seasons& occasions. The chalkboard prints are not actually real chalkboards,but rather just made to look like chalkboards! As I've stated they're great for special occasions,holidays,seasons etc.. For the most part chalkboard art is free other then the occasional refill on your ink & new frames. I would recommend these cute & festive displays to anyone. Chalkboard art is available on other sites such as Etsy & I believe they're canvas or on an actual board & come with the frames..not to sure. I know they can be from anywhere of $20 & up ,but always super cute!! I hope this post answered some of your questions & you 'chalk it up' soon ! Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring Chalkboard art on the fireplace mantel.
'In springtime love is carried on the breeze'

Some of the kitchen art :)
'Cooking with love provides food for the soul'

I thought this was so cute for summer! 
'Strawberry Lemonade recipe' sign!

Now this is example of the Chalkboard actual board art. This piece was explained a few post back & I just made it my own. I did NOT construct or make this myself. Just wanted to point out the different styles! 

Here is another example of some Chalkboard displays. I DID make this one. It's a cheap $1 mirror from Dollar Tree that I chalkboard painted ! The chalkboard paint can be purchased at any home improvement store for around $15 for about 32 FL. ounces!

This is our bedroom Chalkboard art! I purchased the frame from Target on clearance for $4 & used a cute free chalk printable. I also layered some coral color paper for a pop of color! 
' You will forever be my always'

This was my favorite Chalkboard print yet..I mean how cute is this Easter set up?!

Finally this is new just put it up yesterday ' Summertime and the livin' is easy'. Thinking about using a new distressed frame. Stay tuned!


** I do not make or design the free chalkboard printables offered.

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