The Quaint Sanctuary

The Quaint Sanctuary

Sunday, February 14, 2016

{ New Treasures @ Angels, Saints & Stuff..Edition: 3 }

Hey guys!! I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day / weekend with your loved one. I can't say ours was anything crazy or over the top this year. My hubby worked the whole weekend, but that's what happens when you just opened your own business..He did bring home a whole box of fresh +KrispyKreme Doughnuts . We don't have one by us, but before he finished his last job he picked some up #yum! We just had a simple little dinner of pizza & doughnuts hehe { see we're simple average people, just like my blog :) }! 
Today I'm back with the 3rd post/edition about  --->Angels, Saints & Stuff .
I like to keep you guys in the loop about new goodies & treasures coming into the shop, so I like to post at least once a month or so about new stuff. I was taking some stuff into the shop on Wednesday { my day } & noticed a bunch of new stuff!! Seriously, I have 4 things picked out already & I'm secretly hoping they're there when I  come back in hahah! Come take a look at some of the cute new stuff & remember half of everything sold goes right back into charity!!! 

**All links to the store / pages/ blog are provided at the bottom of this post! 

That cabinet with the chicken wire & milk pitchers ahhhhh...I'm just going to tell you guys now, that I WANT / NEED everything in this post hahaha!

I love that the store is filled with an array of holy goods, rustic treasures & gallery/ jewelry & beauty products even! Keep reading below for the new goods!!  The owner, Cathy , has the store set up so lovely !! She has all the vendors setup among one another for an eclectic, yet cozy feel!! I like to think of it as one big family that came together to sell some amazing goodies! The feeling of the store is so warming & inviting..As soon as someone walks in, it's like we all know one another instantly!!

Can I be honest? I've had my eye on those candlesticks for a while now & I'm pretty sure I NEED them paired with the piece right below!! I mean how cute is that handmade sign & some rustic candlesticks for spring??

Not all the pieces in this post are mine, but this particular clock was my grandma's at one point. The store picked it up & I LOVE the makeover on it!!! 

So many great treasures available & they all go to helping people in need!! The feeling of helping in this sort of way is really a gift. So happy & thankful to be selling at not only the cutest shop, but to serve a purpose as well.

Okay, here are the NEW GOODS!! The shop is now selling jewelry & the most delicious scented all natural soaps & lotions!!! I walked in & was greeted with the most scrumptious & natural aroma, and then spotted these little beauties!! I may have to grab myself some as I have the most sensitive skin ever..These are natural & they come in the cutest colored bars!! Valganics is the brand & they're made locally :) ! The beautiful bracelets speak for themselves..So light, dainty & charming!! Many different charms to choose from & sure to please anyone special to you!

I already have plans for this piece above..I really hope it's still available . I just love the colors, wood/cottagey feel & how unique it is...See I told you I have some shopping to do & a wishlist hahah! Come see many more new goods at the shop.

I hope you all have a lovely week & as always THANK YOU for stopping by my little growing blog. 

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